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Ronald Reagan said that about himself…looking for votes from unlikely enclaves. It worked out for him…and incredibly well, too. I thought it would benefit me, if I sold myself inside the two works of art… inside the most daring adventures in fiction writing as I never thought could have originated from the vast emptiness of my mind. I had to say that, to let you know that it isn’t my place to blow this freaking horn of mine. But just like the politician, and his/her vows to lead us to the Promise Land, I am doing the same. But with humility, I might add.

The lockdown offered me creative time on a gold platter. I took it, aware if it passed me by, that I might never write these two books: YESHUA, MY LORD, and THEY NEVER REALLY LEFT.

But first:Yeshua, My Lord’: Those eighteen months came with unbridled majesty. The results are a compilation of deeds…completely imagined, completely baked from his incontrovertible divinity…as seen from the point of view of an artist…in support of the Man’s Divine Nature. It is a tale, told by his friend, Mary of Magdala. I declare that the Man, Yeshua (Jesus), when he walked this earth, never truly left the confines of Heaven as most people would like to believe. Read the book…and you’d agree with me on the wild, cryptic conjectures that He was actually living in two dimensions.

They Never Really Left’: With the lockdown dragging, I couldn’t help it. This was a bigger adventure, given that the premise had to be entirely original. With ‘Yeshua’ I had sources, and that frame of reference crawling all over the pages of the Bible. This is a tale of the gods from the constellation Kamil Kanga, and this little enclave in the heart of the Igbo Nation called OGBUNIKE. Two thousand years ago, it began. Two thousand, twenty years later, it concluded…leaving you gasping for air. The sheer, undeniable magic of events…the surrealism attached to these happenstances, and then to be romanced by a true goddess…?

CLICK ON any of the BOOK IMAGES…and you would have bought yourself a piece of paradise…Well, I am laughing out loud…on this my attempt at self-promotion.

♦ Don Okolo, Professor and filmmaker, is on the Editorial Board of the West African Pilot News. He is the author of many books.

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