Human SexualityLifestyleI Use Female Restrooms In Public Despite Having A Male Sex Organ – Ghanian Transwoman
Ghanaian transwoman, Ohemartin, revealed that, despite her being biologically male with a male sex organ, the absence of gender-neutral bathrooms propels her to use female public restrooms.
The 22-year-old disclosed in a recent interview that identifying as a transgender excuses her use of female washrooms, noting that she feels she may be violating the male sections of public washrooms should she be using them.
Speaking about her life as a transgender, she said that growing up as a male, she naturally possessed feminine qualities which made playing with fellow male children an uncomfortable thing to do.
Ohemartin stressed that she is comfortable with her current outlook and believes that God loves her no matter the transformation; this, she said, is the reason she attends church regularly not having to bother about anything.
She also revealed that being transgender hasn’t affected her relationship with her mother whom she said supports her in so many ways.
By Ezinwanne Onwuka (Senior Reporter)

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