PoliceNine Police Officers Dismissed In Nigeria


ABUJA — No fewer than nine police officers have been dismissed over allegations that they were planning to lead the rank and file into an industrial action for demanding wage increase.

They were reportedly identified and subsequently arrested after their telephone calls were tracked.

Among them are two Inspectors, five Sergeants and two Police Constables.

The Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba has ordered the dismissal through a police message signed by the Commissioner of Police Provost, Force headquarters, Abuja on April 4.

The dismissed policemen were identified as: AP/ NP 287568 – Insp Amos Nagurah; AP/No. 245800 – Insp Nanoll Lamak; F/No. 495378 – Sgt Emmanuel Isah; F/No. 442680 – Sgt Franklin Agughalu; F/No. 508168 – Sgt Adesina Ismail; F/No. 271367 – Sgt Onoja Onuche; F/No. 508282 – Sgt Osoteku Ademola; F/No. 525839 – Police Constable Ehighamhen Favour Ebele and F/No. 528222 – Police Constable Ubong Inem.

They were sacked for alleged “discreditable conduct, improper conduct, breach of confidence, to wit: planning, organizing, coordinating industrial strike within the ranks of the Nigeria Police Force.”

As a result, the signal addressed to all police commands said, “the Inspector-General has approved their dismissal from service.”

The police wireless message said the men were dismissed following their orderly room trial “for planning and coordinating a strike within the ranks and file of the police.”

Commissioners of police commands and formations concerned were asked to de-kit the men and eject them from the police accommodation and facilities and to “delete subjects from IPPIS payroll immediately.”

“The commissioner, welfare to delete subjects from police nominal roll accordingly,” the IGP ordered.

The police headquarters had ‘sleepless nights’ in March over threats that the junior officers would embark on strike due to poor salary, lack of weapons to fight criminals, failure to supply uniforms and accoutrements, delay in promotion and others.

The officers demanded that their minimum wage should not be lower than N100,000, questioning why operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) receive much higher wages than they do.

In an attempt to stop the strike slated for March 26, the Inspector General reached out to all commands and police formations across the nation, appealing, making promises and assuring his men of improved welfare going forward.

Though the strike and nationwide protest did not take place on March 26, the police authorities went ahead to arrest nine officers, who have now been dismissed.

Hassan Umar Shallpella (Regional Correspondent)
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