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Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), has vowed to dedicate all of his time and energy to Nigeria’s service.

Tinubu said he won’t be a part-time president who will share his time between Dubai and Nigeria.

Atiku, the former vice-president and PDP standard had spent most of his time in Dubai after the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared President Muhammadu Buhari the winner of the 2019 election.

Tinubu, according to a statement by Tunde Rahman, his media aide, spoke on Sunday at an interactive session with members of the Tijjaniyyah sect at the Kano government house.

Tinubu said solutions to the problems were contained in his manifesto.

He said he is running for president because of his commitment to improving the lives of all Nigerians.

The APC presidential candidate also met with northern business leaders to assure them of his commitment to creating a stable business environment.

“There is a strong nexus between the place of Kano as a centre of prosperity and my plan for Nigeria. What I pledge is a revamped economy which will renew the hope of our people. Our country needs multiple centres of prosperity, and we intend to achieve that by adding value across all sectors of our economy,” Tinubu said.

“As I said during my speech at the Arewa House on Monday, Nigeria is sitting on a goldmine. There is no state in Nigeria that is lacking in one resources or the other. We are determined to explore and exploit these resources to the maximum benefits of our people. Kano, for example, has huge agricultural potentials and important mineral resources underneath its ground like gold, silver, nickel, tin ore and columbite. Each of these, if properly harnessed, can add significantly to our economy as a country.”

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