NewsNigeriaPoliticsWatch the viral video of Nigerian Billionaire Arthur Eze giving out $100 to people at an event

A video of Nigerian billionaire Prince Arthur Eze sharing $100 to people has gone viral.

In the video, after the bundle he was sharing got exhausted, the 74-year-old business collected another from one of his aides and continued the distribution.

One particular woman was lucky to have received two $100 notes.

The prominent businessman made the financial gesture at an event The West African Pilot News could not verify at the time of writing this report.

Mixed reactions, however, trailed the video as site commenters commended him for the gesture while others frowned at it.

Read some comments gathered below.

@i_dy001: E reach woman turn they give her two pieces. Wetin man do man?

@kufreyo: No be to collect the dollars be the problem. Na where you go see naira take change am.

@zubbymanuel: Don’t give me fish rather teach me how to gather the fish.

@ucmgbemene: Arthur Eze. Hmm! I can never collect money from him, not in this world not in the world to come.

@uchejohnson0: Before collecting, I have to remove my shoes 👞 👟 and use left hand to collect it 😏😏

@mandnpropertiesltd: Spending dollars in a naira economy smh.

@mrdreamstv1991: Did you people notice he’s not wearing shoes 😳

@user4272851750876: We don’t need money. We need job😏

@oyewoleolusegunes: Sacrifice in white dress o. Exchange of destiny. T.B. Joshua style. Well done!

By Ezinwanne Onwuka (Senior Reporter)

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    February 21, 2023 at 11:16 am

    If you don’t give, people will call you names. Even when you give, people will tagged it to all sort of spiritual inclinations.
    Giving is by grace, not everyone have the grace of giving.


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