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For promoting ethnic profiling and violence during the just concluded general elections in Lagos State by Musiliu Akinsanya popularly called MC Oluomo, and the call for his arrest, the Lagos State Deputy Governor,  Obafemi Hamzat has said that if the Chairman, Parks Management  Committee is found culpable, he should be called to account.

During an interview on Channels TV on Tuesday, Hamzat while responding to questions on the call for Oluomo’s arrest, and if he supports the call, said,

“No, I am not calling for the arrest of anybody. I am not a police officer. I am not a prosecutor. In the case of MC Oluomo, he has said that he was referring to one woman, Mama Chinedu or something like that and there is a video that shows that.

“The woman said, “he was talking to me, we have been friends and he is my customer for years”. So, I don’t know the fact, people must examine the fact and if in truth he has broken the law, he must pay for it.

While speaking on the role that the government should play in communicating with people to ensure that Lagosians live in peace so that the progress and development will take place in the state, the deputy governor said,

“If you listen to the acceptance speech of Mr. Governor, you will also see that line where he said that is not the people we are, it’s not about violence. It is not about ethnic bigotry….

“The reality is, that is the way we have been ruling this state for four years. That is the way we have been ruling this state for 19 years. That is why we engaged the people. That is why in each senatorial district we have consultative forums, the same thing with religion.

“That is why we have different sectors and ethnicity in Lagos that we talk to. That is something we have been doing. But as we say, there will be people who will always try to break the rules and we must punish them so that it can serve as deterrents,” Hamzat said.

On how party leaders from seven communities from Lekki are seen addressing party supporters and telling residents categorically that if they don’t vote the All Progressives Congress (APC), they would lose their livelihood and be asked to leave the community.

He said, “That is why we went around the state to campaign, so basically, I said some people take things overboard. I have friends in Alaba market.

“They are my friends. There are Igbo APC members. For anybody to say if you are Igbo, you won’t vote is ridiculous and they should be prosecuted and pay for it, bottom line. It is stupid,” the  Deputy Governor said.

By Uzoamaka Ikezue (Staff Reporter)

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