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Avatar PilotnewsSeptember 6, 2023

A weary soul, thoughts filled with longing,

wandering spirits under the moon’s gentle glow,

a gathering of hopeful minds, intertwined,

united without loneliness, like kinfolk,

together, yet untouched by solitude’s sting.


Solitary moonlight, casting away fears,

as the lion’s courage ignites strength,

nurturing peace within our shared existence.

Grant me the serenity that surpasses conflict,

for unity’s harmony shall thrive and bloom,

even amidst the haze of uncertainty.


Passionate dreams, windows of hope,

turbulent and intricate like inspired verses,

the spirit of unwavering faith dwells within.

In this world, our collective humanity,

it is this bond that brought us together,

this gathering of kindred souls.


Copyright © 2020 Chris Chinwe Ulasi 

Chris Chinwe Ulasi, Professor of Media and Communication, is on the Editorial Board of the West African Pilot News.

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