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Healthcare experts have stressed the significance of merging conventional medical treatments with alternative therapies to achieve more effective health outcomes

A renowned general medical practitioner and a founder of Rijiya Specialist Clinic, Sokoto, Dr. Ikechukwu Ofia, explained the advantages of both orthodox and alternative medicine to individuals seeking treatment.

“I recommend alternative medicine that is purified and standardized where it will help my patients, I also complement traditional treatments to address aspects of health conventional medicine cannot solve.

“People should stay away from any other form of medicine that is produced based on intuition without any trace of systematic approach,” said Dr. Ofia.

Also, Secretary General, of Nigerian traditional medicine exhibitors, Mr Ahmed Ayodele, said there are cases that traditional medicine will not be of help.

“By integrating orthodox approaches, we can optimize patient outcomes and promote overall well-being,” he said.

Also speaking, Dr. Umar Abubakar Nasarawa, a traditional medicine expert in Sokoto said: “Following thorough testing and treatment by a psychiatrist, patients with spiritual-related issues were referred to him. “It seems they now understand that issues related to spirits cannot always be solved in a laboratory.”

“After diagnosing these patients using our traditional methods, we administered a combination of traditional medicine alongside orthodox practices and recited supplications from the Quran. As a result, the spiritual afflictions disappeared,” Dr. Nasarawa said.

Meanwhile, a patient, Maijidda Ibrahim, welcomes the merger of orthodox and alternative medicine.

“I patronize both based on the type of my condition and with the economic hardship one has no option than taking the easy way out,” she noted.

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