CoronavirusNewsNigeriaMedia Personality Ik Osakioduwa debunks rumours of contracting Covid-19

Popular media personality, IK Osakioduwa has denied rumours that he has contracted the novel coronavirus.

The television presenter, who said he was not excited over the fake news, took to his Instagram page to share a video of himself.

In the video, Osakioduwa was seen reacting to the rumours being circulated on social media.

The rumours alleged that he attended the 2020 edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), after contracting coronavirus while in the UK.

Osakioduwa, who was surrounded by his children, cleared the air with these words.

This is his exact word:

“I’m seeing people passing messages on WhatsApp that I travelled to London, came back with the coronavirus, took it to the AMVCAs, took it to some clubs.

“I have not been to London in a very long time. I have not been to that club. I do not have coronavirus,” he said.

Osakioduwa is a Nigerian radio and television on-air personality.

He was known to most just as Wildchild, but since his marriage, has been known as simply IK.

Media Personality is known for his work with Rhythm 93.7 FM, but he is also a presenter on Mnet’ s Studio 53.

He is best known as the presenter of Big Brother Africa and he is married with kids.

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