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Avatar PilotnewsFebruary 20, 2022
LAGOS — Queen Moremi Ajasoro, (QMA) Bukunmi Akinwale on Sunday said that the Nigerian culture detests nudity and should be discouraged among the female gender, especially celebrities.
The 22-year-old level Four student of Psychology in Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos.
According to her, no Nigerian tradition supports nudity, which means ladies exposing their bodies shouldn’t do so in the name of fashion, celebrity, or style.
“Western culture has made us believe nudity is normal, but it is not because a lady’s body is to be covered, not to be displayed for every eye to see,” she said.
Akinwale, who also is a caterer commended the current 44th Miss Nigeria, Shatu Garko, from Kano State for not abandoning her religion and culture for the otherwise.
She lauded her bold steps in ensuring she did not follow the trend of exposing her body just to contest or win large pageantry as Miss Nigeria.
“The fact that Miss Shatu didn’t go out of her religious line (use of hijab) stood her out of every other contestant, it made her unique which earned her a win.
” It shows how committed she is to her religion and her high level of decency which is first of it’s kind,” she told NAN.
The 22-year-old cultural queen noted that Queen Moremi Ajasoro was a cultural pageant that promoted modesty, decency, and humility.
“The QMA pageantry process follows a cultural pattern and it has been a success ever since it started.
“People with different religions and from different backgrounds are allowed to participate in the contest, and every individual is allowed to go on with their religious practice.
“Our culture is being appreciated through our mode of dressing which involves wearing native attires. Lectures are given on the importance of traditional medicine.
” The contest goes as far as lecturing on how to make our native tie and dye attires (Adire).
“The contest is not just a beauty pageant, it’s also an empowerment program. It teaches moral values and importance of greetings and respect for elders,” she said.
According to the cultural queen, the adoption of western cultures has made many of us forget how to reverence our elderly persons, which is not meant to be.
She further explained that culture created a sense of identity which specified the tribe of origin and so must not be allowed to fade away.
“We Africans have our own culture and it should be promoted in all ways, our traditions cannot be allowed to go into extinction.
“Religion is a separate thing from a contest. Irrespective of our religion, it shouldn’t hinder us from participating in any form of pageantry.
“Beauty contest shouldn’t involve body exposure because it is not promoting our culture rather it increases immorality among ladies.
” Beauty is not determined by ladys’ exposure of their body because a lady can be so beautiful in a fully covered dress just as our current Nigerian queen, Miss Shatu.
“Pageant doesn’t affect religion in any way and it shouldn’t also tamper with our traditions, we must realise that nakedness is not fashioned and it wouldn’t be,” the cultural queen told NAN.
The 2021 cultural queen stressed that there was decency in covering up. A lady who is well dressed earns the respect she deserved.
” I believe Miss Shatu is going to be given every support to execute her projects excellently well, as she has become a cultural pride to our country,” she said
Queen Akinwale said her vision during her one-year rule was educating the youth on mental health care awareness.
NAN reports that the Queen Moremi Cultural pageant was an initiative of the Ooni of Ife under the leadership of Princess Ronke Ademiluyi, founder, of the African Fashion show.
QMA pageantry was held annually with the aim of promoting Nigerian culture, training, and empowering young girls with a special focus on the Odua tradition and lineage.
*WAP with agency report
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