Human SexualityLifestyleActress Juliet Ibrahim Schools Men On Sexual Hygiene During Intimacy
Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, has taken to Instagram to educate men on how to be hygienic when making out with their lovers.
Taking up the role of a sexual hygiene instructor, the actress shared a post on Instagram educating men on the habits that are hygienic and those that aren’t during bedroom intimacy.
The 35-year-old actress stated that the woman’s vagina is sacred and delicate. Therefore, men are charged with the responsibility of helping keep it clean and healthy.
She cautioned men to stop using dirty hands and saliva from their ‘dirty mouths’ down there as she advised that they brush their teeth properly and keep their fingernails trimmed and clean before touching a woman’s ‘vajayjay’.
She added that germs from bacteria brew on such things as dirty nails and mouths and advised women to stick to this advice to stay healthy.
The actress wrote, “I can’t believe in 2022 I’m arguing with a friend who sees nothing wrong with these things. Her excuse is: “What if it’s a quickie?”
“Honestly guys, pls take this from me, a woman’s vajayjay is very delicate. It’s a temple; help her keep it clean, safe, and healthy.
“Stop using dirty hands and saliva from dirty mouths on there. Brush your teeth and tongue before and after oral and cut your fingernails before any touching. Germs that cause bacteria to brew on such!
“Girls, please learn these basic hygiene practices to stay clean.”
By Ezinwanne Onwuka (Senior Reporter)
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