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Governor of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed, has said the spate of insecurity, poverty and nepotism in the country can be surmounted through understanding, saying all hands must be on deck.

Mohammed, while speaking in Akure, the Ondo State capital during his presidential campaign tour to the delegates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), on Saturday, disclosed that “Dialogue and understanding are the only things that will ensure smooth provision of infrastructure and good governance.”

“Dialogue is part of federation, dialogue is part of governance. Dialogue and understanding are the only things that will ensure the smooth provision of infrastructure and good governance.

“Restructuring is about good governance, it is about the reconstruction of the Nigerian federation in a manner that would be efficient, and acceptable to federating entities.

“We are not going to be driven by mistrust and suspicion any longer. If Nigerians want Nigeria to be restructured, that is what we should do now because things are not working properly in the country.

“People are feeling excluded, nepotism has taken over, and other issues. The insecurity has exposed the efficacy of our federating structure, our security architecture and so on, so we need to talk,” he said.

The presidential hopeful congratulated the governors of the South-West for locally tackling insecurity, saying,” We need local police and reduce the power at the centre.”

Mohammed said he was a detribalized Nigerian and would carry everybody along, noted that the country needed to make the state and local governments stronger for better and efficient delivery of dividends of democracy.

Hassan Umar Shallpella (Regional Correspondent)

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