NewsNigeria Elections2 Million Match in Enugu in Support of Peter Obi

Ije Ulasi (Regional Correspondent)


ENUGU — No presidential candidate in Nigeria ever garnered massive support from the masses as the man Peter Obi who though relegated by a top political party is now a song on the lips of millions of Nigerians; his name reverberates in every nooks and cranny of the 774 Local Government Areas and 36 states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Political parties’ campaigns are common but that initiated by the masses for a candidate is unprecedented; weathering all storms, the masses trooped out in a peaceful and solidarity march for Peter Obi and his running mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed on Saturday in Enugu, the Coal City.

The 2 million-man match for Peter Obi just 2 weeks after the first 1 million march is a clear indication that Enugu is ‘Obident’ indeed.

From Okpara Square in Independence Layout, the crowd took off matching through major roads in the state; the numbers kept increasing by minutes as they chant their unalloyed support for Peter Obi.

Happy voices filled the air as they shout, “Enugu is Obident, we no dey give shishi”; “We are the structure”; while others chant “Obi kerere nke, Obi.”

Peter Obi no doubt is the desire of the masses and the hope of a better Nigeria long waited for; will it end in praise in 2023? The masses pray.

The march ended with no casualties recorded.

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