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Being a woman is one thing and being a ‘Career Woman’ is another entirely. A career woman is a woman whose main priority in life is achieving success in her career. Profession and her other endeavors. She takes pride in building and achieving success.

Here, we call them the “Focused Woman” and in this edition we have, beautiful Madam Anthonia Azuka Anopue (Triple-A) who took us through her life’s journey, her strength and weakness, she is strong and specially made by God.


Growing up under my father was Worth it. 

Please briefly give us a little description of your personality.

My name is Anopue Anthonia Azuka, my friends and most relatives call me the Triple-A and I love it because it sounds like triple action… (smiles). I am from a holy town called Nnobi in Idemlli South LGA of Anambra State. I am a retired banker by profession, retired from Heritage Bank PLC, and by God’s Grace I am the CEO of Triple-A Garden, Triple-A Football club, and Triple-A bridal services, these are personal businesses run even while as an active banker. I also venture into Little Business collabos… (Smile). I am a simple person by nature, I have this down-to-earth kind of personality. I love truthful and cool-headed people. I do my things according to how I am being led by my spirit. I avoid anything or person that will add stress to the my little life I’m trying to live.

Any hobbies?

Ooh hobbies… Well, I love constructive discussions, traveling, singing and dancing unlike many that would love just reading although I still read but not as a hobby. Again, I love seeing and making people around me happy, I love celebrating people.

What was growing up in your family like, and what are some of the childhood experiences that you had as a young lady that shaped the kind of person you are today?

Growing up in my kind of strict Christian family is like living in a prison yard. We had a watchdog and a very strict one o…  My Father is a disciplinarian. Well, growing up under him was worth it. About my childhood experiences, I had a lot while growing up or should I say building up. Some are good and some bad, can’t pen them down now but come what may, they really shaped my life.

Can you take us back to your childhood days and tell us some of your dreams that you have accomplished so far and those that fizzle out?

Back in the days (Smile)…. Waooo… You really want to know about my childhood story o… Well, back then I have always dreamt of being a great woman when I grow up. I have always been inspired by the likes of Late Mrs. Mariam Babangida, Onyeka Owenu and those other women that can stand up for themselves and others. I have always prayed to be that woman in whom many will look up to and call their role model. And today, I can say that I find myself in that role model cubicle because in my very little status, I can still find younger girls and even women who looks at me as their role model. Fizzled dreams,….. Naah, I can’t think of any because I don’t really embark on project(s) that I won’t try yo accomplish. Though it’s all by God’s Grace.

Amongst your parents and relatives, who made the greatest impact on you during your formative age?

My Father did, although my mum had her own part to play. I’m really close to my father, Late Chief Cyprian Anopue and he helped shaped the girl into the woman in me. He used to be a Father, a friend, a brother, and everything to me. He is a powerful man who taught me almost everything that helped me during my formative age.

How were you able to cope (keep up) with your Banking job and the other personal businesses you mentioned?

It was really not easy o (smile)… but you see, when one is determined to achieve a purpose in life, that person should shun any form of distraction, although they will come we should always focus on the endpoints which is the goal.

What do you consider the greatest achievement you have made in your career and life so far?

My greatest achievement so far…. (Smiles) Can I call any of them the greatest… No, because I worked for all of them, they took my time and other resources. They are all great to me, they make me fulfilled each time I look at them. But if I must choose one, it will be the football club because of its empowering nature. It has empowered a lot of youths and made me a mother to many.

Using yourself as an example, what do you think that female child face while growing up that made it harder for them than their male counterparts?

I think the challenges are mainly cultural values. Our culture made it so that a girl child is not supposed to do some certain things which naturally, they can do better in. But I thank God that nowadays development and innovation are changing things providing that the girl child is not condemning herself.

Can you tell us how you made a breakthrough in life and the event that made it possible?

My major breakthrough is having acquired education. Education exposes one to know the wrong and right things. It was almost impossible for me to complete my tertiary education, especially after my father’s death. But I had to start doing some menial jobs to help pay my school fees and help my mum too, being the first child of my parents and having four other younger ones. It really wasn’t easy at all. We are not lucky or blessed with good uncles and aunties. I tried not to depend on anybody and not get involved in something that will destroy me as a girl child. In the process of working as an accountant at the Holy Rosary Maternity Hospital, Waterside, Onitsha that I met a woman who helped me in securing a job at the then Citizen bank and that was my breakthrough. So from there, I started. It’s just been God all the way.

How did you handle issues relating to sexual harassment in your career?

You know, during my building up, my friends see me as a tiger woman both males and females so they don’t try such with me. But there is always a mature way to every situation even as heavy as sexual harassment.

Can you tell us who amongst the Igbo career women made the greatest impact in your life?

The likes of Dr. Ngozi Okojo Iwela. That woman is somebody that I will always tell myself ‘if she is a witch, then I will love to be her kind of witch’. I love her, and I inspire to be more like her. Then I also have the late Dora Akunyili, Oby Ezekwesili and many of them.

What is the greatest career or life-threatening experience you have had and how did you survive it?

It’s the death of my dad. It almost took everything from me. But I survived it through the help of God and through perseverance and being focused, knowing that one day my light will shine. And really, its shining now. Another was when I embarked on a cultural project in my LGA, it was as if nothing is going to work out there, but through God’s help, it was a success.

Are there some of the things or decisions you took about your career or life that you regretted and if given another opportunity, would do differently?

No No No …. I try not to regret any of my decisions when it comes to my life or my career, whether good or bad, because for me, it is either a lesson or a blessing.

How do you wish to be remembered and what legacy do you want to leave behind?

I wish to be remembered as a mother, a friend, and a sister and which is ongoing now and I’m trying my best to set it as a standard I’ll leave for my legacy and footprint.

What message would you love to send to the younger generation of Igbo women about life careers and relationships?

The message I will like to pass through is that, in any life challenge, they should look unto God the Creator of life and death, heaven and earth, he is the only sure provider, the only one that can direct and re-direct our paths. They should always try to stay focused to their dream(s) and be patient. Perseverance pays a lot. They should take exceptional steps and actions and always think outside the box. They should get mature before venturing into any kind of relationship.

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