EntertainmentReligionNollywood Actor, Yul Edochie, Turns Gospel Preacher, Says God Called Him

Avatar PilotnewsNovember 3, 2022

By Handel Patrick (Staff Reporter)


Popular Nigerian movie star, Yul Edochie, has revealed that it is time for him to accept God’s calling as a gospel preacher.

In a video posted by the thespian on YouTube, he noted that God has since called him to become a preacher but now, the calling has become stronger.

According to the Nollywood actor, he stated that God intentionally made him famous so that he can easily spread His gospel. Edochie noted that with the millions of fans he has across the world, it would be easy to spread the word of God.

He said, “I have a calling to serve God. I have a calling to be a minister of God. I have a calling to be a preacher of God, to be one of God’s ministers; to preach the word of God through words and actions. I have had this calling a long time ago, many years ago but I always felt that the time hadn’t come or the time was not right but now, it is very strong. I feel that the time has come.

“God has blessed me in this life and by the grace of God, I have become one of the biggest, most celebrated actors in the continent of Africa. I am also one of the most popular in Africa, Nigeria. God has taken me to the very top and to a very high point in my career but I am starting to realise that God lifted me as an actor to where I am so that I can become one of his ministers.”

The film star said, “So that I can use the fame and fortune, as well as status and global reach to preach the word of God. I feel that is the whole essence of my being a very popular and celebrated actor with millions of fans all over the world. I think I have found my purpose in life.”

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