FashionLifestyleNewsNigeriaWatch a video of models wearing upside-down, sideways gowns at a fashion show

The label Viktor & Rolf turned fashion upside down, offering an unconventional approach to ball gowns at the just concluded annual Paris’ Haute Couture Week.

The brand sent 18 impressive, voluminous dresses down its runway, not all worn the traditional way, challenging us to question how these traditional, familiar dresses should be worn.

While some of the dresses were worn horizontally or on a diagonal, one model walked in a fully upside-down dress. Another walked alongside her dress, attached at the hip.

Images and clips from the show have quickly spread across social media, with commenters calling it “absurd” and “insane”.

Watch a clip of the fashion show shared on Instagram below.

By Ezinwanne Onwuka (Senior Reporter)

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