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It is everyone’s dream to keep fit but while most people make it part of their new year’s resolutions, only a few commit to making it a reality.

Though the benefits of exercise cannot be overemphasised, many people falter in their decisions to take it seriously each year.

In a chat with our correspondent, Isabelle Karl, a fitness coach, said many people lose their enthusiasm to keep fit because they do not put in enough commitment to it.

“Fitness is a lifestyle one has to choose to live just like people choose who they love,” the director of Karlfit Fitness said.

“People lose interest in exercise because they lack commitment. The first key to a successful fitness lifestyle is consistency. If one is not consistent and committed to working out, they will never meet up with their goal and then that’s when loss of interest sets in.”

The fitness coach said to effectively keep to a workout routine, one has to be passionate about keeping fit and cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

Stressing that though it looks like stress, exercise is a beneficial activity, she said the health benefits of exercise range from weight control to improving one’s mental health to combating diseases and boosting one’s energy.

By Ezinwanne Onwuka (Senior Reporter)

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