Crime & SecurityNewsNigeriaGunmen kill government official in Ogun

Unknown gunmen, suspected to be armed robbers, have killed the account and finance director of the Ogun State government, Taiwo Oyekanmi.

Oyekanmi was shot dead on Wednesday by robbers who accosted the bullion van that drove him to a bank to make some hefty withdrawals.

The robbers attacked the government official, his driver and an aide on their way back to the office from the bank.

The gunmen carted away with every penny in the vehicle.

“A vehicle blocked them on top of the bridge, five occupants of the vehicle came down, shot at the director and from their vehicle brought out a sledgehammer to force the receptacle where the money was kept open and they left with the money,” the State Police Commissioner, Abiodun Alamutu told reporters.

Alamutu said that he had directed the area commander to get to the bank and request the CCTV footage of the activities within and outside the bank’s premises which would aid the police investigation.

“There is a possibility of identifying the culprits if they ever ventured to step out of the vehicle or maybe they just maintained their position in the vehicle,” he added.

By Ezinwanne Onwuka (Senior Reporter)

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