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The OJUDE OBA FESTIVAL is one of the biggest festivals in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It is most peculiar to the Ijebus- indigenes of Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State; although people from different parts of the world visit to partake in the celebration. The festival commences annually on the third day after Eid al-Kabir (popularly called Ileya) to pay homage to the king, Oba Sikiru Kayode (1), Awujale of the Ijebu Kingdom. After a two-year-break due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the celebration took place on the 11th of July, 2022 as indigenes, dignitaries and guests gathered.
The audience consist of a major set of attendees called the Regberegbes. These are children of the Oba who have been named by the Oba and grouped respectively based on their year of birth. Currently, there are about fifty-seven (57) regberegbes in the Ijebu land among which 10 are mentioned below.
1. Egbe Bobagunte Obinrin (Omo Oba) Akile Ijebu: This is a group of women (Obinrin) born within 1959 to 1961. According to the Iyalode (President of the group), they are considered the Oba’s first born because the Ojude Oba festival began within their birth years.
2. Egbe Bobagunte Okunrin Akile Ijebu: (1959 -61): This is the male (Okunrin) group of the above.
3. Egbe Obafuwaji Adedoyin: (1950 – 52)
4. Obafuwaji D Great: (1950 – 52)
5. Bobakeye Akile Ijebu Obinrin Sukuratu (Ilegbe) Aaron: (1956-58)  According to the Iyalode, Aaron is the ‘Baba’ (father) of Egbe.
6. Bobagbimo Akinle Ijebu (Men Wing): (1955 – 57)
7. Obayori Obirin Akile Ijebu: (1977 – 79)
8. Egbe Bobagunwa Obinrin Akinle Ijebu: (1980 – 82)
9. Egbe Obaneye Okunrin Akile Ijebu: (1983 – 85)
10. Egbe Oloja: This is a group of the marketers in Ijebu.
Favour Ebubechukwu (Staff Writer)

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