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Avatar PilotnewsJanuary 22, 2023

I should have gone to Mass and stayed there until Benediction time. However, I did not. I stayed home instead, wallowing in that pit of absolute disdain, why humanity could not come together and live and let live. Then, it dawned on me that idyllic famous last words, Love thy Neighbor as thyself, as The Father Himself had proposed, was a sham

God, The Father, knew that this His particular Wish would not fly. He must know that He had Created Man to hate each other…even without cause. Could He have changed His Creation quotient to make man infallible in his actions and thoughts? He is God. He could have. Here is why I am rambling this morning. This whole hatred thing started in Heaven. Lucifer, in his blissful existence, hated God, his Creator. Even in Heaven, in this one particular moment, there was no peace, and there was no, Love Thy Neighbor. In Heaven, guys.

Our Politics will remain divided. We will kill each other, always. We will say shit about each other, every day.

Why would we then preach, proffer sermons on that subject in our effort to unite man…make Democrats and Republicans love one another? You may want to ask yourselves why He bothered to create the one SOB He knew would grow up and hate Him? I have said this before. In the one arena, in the one realm, where everybody should be living in peace, Lucifer was able to pull together seventy-something million other Angels to fight The Creator of the Universe. Our Politics will remain divided. We will kill each other, always. We will say shit about each other, every day. Nothing can be done to reach that utopian idealism…even as you now know that it did not work in Heaven. If Democrats and Republicans will ever get along, the political system must change.

The House, the Senate, and the Presidency must be accorded equal time: Here is what I mean. Each party will have Senate, House, and the President’s office in control, that is, for eight years. Every eight years, it changes hands. Things will get done. No rancor. No extremes. Nothing will be codified. As for the Supreme Court, twelve years maximum. WE WILL TALK AGAIN ON THIS.

♦ Don Okolo, Professor and filmmaker, is on the Editorial Board of the West African Pilot News. He is the author of many books.

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