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Nollywood actress Nancy Isime says she only prefers sex or kissing scenes with veteran actors because they understand the dynamics of the scene and are always professional about it.

In an interview with media personality Dadaboy Ehiz, the actress revealed that such intimate scenes can be discomforting, adding that the scenes are nothing but scripts.

Isime said, “Well, it’s a script, and yes, I do kiss in movies. But why will I enjoy it? 5,000 people around you. Enjoy what? I never enjoy doing anything. There are cameras around; it’s a scene.

“I prefer to actually have kissing scenes with seasoned actors who understand the professionalism of a kissing scene or a sex scene.

“Sex scene, of course, because everybody is all dressed up, but there is movement. So there are literally people who understand the job, are focused, and are literally just running through a script.”

The actress was recently the subject of controversy over a nude scene of herself and renowned actor Richard Mofe-Damijo in Shanty Town.

It was later revealed, however, that it was not the actress’s nude that was on display in the scene, but rather a body double, a technique used in the movie industry for scenes that involve nudity, intimacy, or physical activity that may be difficult or unsafe for the actor to perform.

Isime’s comments on unclad scenes come amid the heated debate on the depiction of such scenes in movies, especially Nollywood movies.

While many deem the nude scenes unnecessary and culturally wrong, others think it is an art that adds to the authenticity of the story.

By Ezinwanne Onwuka (Senior Reporter)

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